Jamorama Learn Guitar
Jamorama Learn Guitar
Jamorama Learn Guitar

Jamorama Learn Guitar

Learn how to play guitar with The Jamorama course lessons (44 chapters and 252 pages of lessons).

Product Specification

Long Description:

The lessons starts at complete “I don’t know where my fingers go” beginner and taking you to “How did I get so good?” advanced guitar playing.

These lessons have been specifically designed for easy use with integrated video and audio so that every powerful time saving tool and easy-when-you-know-how skill is RIGHT at your fingertips - whenever you want it!

Discover how to quickly build the strength and agility you need to advance beyond the beginner stage. Using the special techniques you will eliminate sore and clumsy fingers and start to play fluent, flowing guitar.

Utilize a comprehensive library of the most commonly used chord progressions. These progressions are designed to get you playing as soon as you start the Jamorama course and enable you to play like your favorite guitarist.

You will learn how to read guitar “TAB”. If you didn’t know it, guitar tablature (or TAB) is the fastest way to start reading and writing guitar music. You will learn how to read it so you’ll be able to play virtually ANY of the hundreds of thousands of songs available in guitar.